7 Things to Consider When Towing

Towing is not only about rescuing stranded or malfunctioning vehicles. Towing goes a long way like hauling horses or hay or loading up the vehicle for a family trip. Whatever your purpose it, towing should be carefully considered since you’re going to load up another weight on your vehicle, which could be a camping trailer or a boat. If you want to purchase a vehicle especially for towing, there are things to consider. We listed these things below and we hope you’ll find them helpful.  

  1. Towing Capacity 

The amount of weight that the vehicle can tow is important. Most of the time, the capacity is written on the owner’s manual. Although the capacity indicated is low, it’s important to remember that you shouldn’t exceed it. If you are don’t have experience with towing yet, take note that exceeding the capacity will damage the car’s transmission and engine.  

  1. Suspension Upgrades 

If you plan on towing heavy loads, suspension upgrades are recommended for you. You can find trailering packages that include suspension upgrades. Towing heavy loads can strain the suspension of the truck, so the upgrades are necessary to avoid that.  

  1. Manual Shift Mode 

Most of SUVs and full-size trucks come with an automatic transmission now. But a manual shift mode is important if you’re planning to use the vehicle for towing. Manual shift mode is useful when you’re descending or climbing steep grounds. If you’re going down, the manual shift mode will help you stay in a low gear so prevent the brakes from overheating. If you’re climbing up, you need to shift down some gears to pass slower cars.  

  1. Additional Cooling 

If you plan to do towing often, purchase a truck with a transmission cooler. Additional cooling is a good additional options if you’re planning to tow big loads. Towing heavy loads can strain the transmission of the truck, and the additional cooling will help you prevent that.  

  1. Braking System 

A trailer braking system is important to have especially if you’re in a panic situation. The trailers don’t normally come with anti-lock brakes, which means the wheels lock up under heavy braking. The braking system will control the brake’s force, which helps the wheels from locking.  

  1. Sway Control  

A sway control is also important when you’re towing heavy loads. A trailer sway can happen because of these reasons: driver over-correction, poor weight distribution, and strong winds. The sway control system will monitor the movement of the truck so a precise braking is applied to stop the swaying motion. Look for a vehicle with sway control especially if you’re inexperienced with towing.  

  1. Towing Mirrors 

Mirrors on towing trucks should be large, this is because the driver needs to see past the trailer. If the truck you like doesn’t come with huge mirrors, don’t worry because there are companies that offer extended mirrors.  

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