How to Hire A Tow Truck after a Car Accident

You may not have a lot of options as to who would perform the job if you have been involved in a car accident and need your car towed. Fire departments or police officers often dispatch the wrecker to the accident scene.  

However, getting your vehicle towed could be a less nerve-racking event with a bit of initial research on towing firms in your location. This could be applied in other scenarios like engine trouble, slide-offs, breakdowns, or one-car accidents.  

Here are several tips that you could use to get the most from the towing company before you call one.  

Research the Reputation of the Company 

When choosing the best towing provider for your car, reputation matters. It is just like other services. For example, you could research the reputations of towing firms online if you are in an area that receives a lot of snowstorms that make for dangerous driving.  

Contact the company and ask for information on pricing. This should include whether or not the firm accepts credit cards. Add their number to the contact list of your phone once you have discovered a reliable firm with a great reputation. Also, you could place their number in your car.  

Insurance Might Cover Tow 

In the case of a breakdown or accident, your insurance company might cover vehicle towing. This greatly depends on the condition. Insurance firms might even have favored towing companies they could contact on your behalf. Make sure you know the coverage if you belong to a 3rd-party assistance association, such as AAA. 

Ask for a Receipt from the Towing Firm 

Always remember to ask for a copy of the receipt and the copy of the invoice once the job is done. This is to make sure you are billed only for the charges you require.  

Wisely Sign Paperwork 

Be sure your signature is right below or close the dollar amount that you agreed upon when you sign off on the job paperwork. This would minimize the possibilities of extra fees that are added without you knowing it.  

Snap a Photo of your Vehicle 

Snap several photos of the condition of your car if you’ve got a digital camera or camera-equipped phone handy. You should do this before the tow truck arrives at your location. The photo might come in handy if any unexplained or unexpected damages happen on the way to the towed destination of your vehicle.  

Do not Hire a Tow Truck the Simply Shows Up 

As what we have mentioned above, you might not have a lot of options as to who tows your car. However, if you are involved in a breakdown or slide-off, be careful of any tow truck that immediately shows up and provides to tow your vehicle.  

Reliable firms would show their federal Department of Transportation ID number on the truck. They will also display any extra license numbers that might be needed by the law. These numbers could show that the firm is insured to offer the job.  

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